MAFHH Marketing

The Company

MAFHH Marketing is a team of highly experienced professionals possessing proven track record of successful marketing in 'Real Estate" business. The management has over a span of two decades dedicated experience and enjoys enviable reputation both in Karachi & Hyderabad.
The Company with wide and varied business relations had a special knack to handle the marketing of all real estate kind of things and can rightly be called as the most successful in the inception, having marketed numerous projects in Karachi, Hyderabad, Gawadar, Pasni and Islamabad. Its performance record unparalleled in the fields, and is a landmark achievement by the company.


Result-Oriented Team

It is a team of dedicated professionals of high caliber with vast experience of marketing real estate. The result-oriented MAFHH Marketing people activities with determination so as to achieve the ultimate goal of accomplishing successful completion of marketing task.
We are proud of our reputation as an award-winning, broad-based organization with an extensive portfolio of projects including multi-storied residential and commercial projects and housing schemes.
We understand that project success depends on the level of conversation between client and the marketing team. That dialog begins with listening. Listening and listening between the line is teh key to touch the heart of the communicator that leads to clear expression and brilliant marketing strategy.



Be and to be a distinguished marketing team who strives for quality in every effort and delivery co-ordained marketing services through team interaction by listening to clients.



The mission is to provide you, the client, with strategies and plans that offer the optimum value of your projects. We, at MAFHH Marketing, always strive to deliver creative, well designed advertising and well-planned marketing solutions that will perform in a cost effective manner allowing you, our client to benefit. After all "Your success is our business".